El Gato's Revenge lyrics

Southside on the track, yeah

Gucci Mane Soprano, my plug call me Carlo (Carlo)
Act so [?], I should order some cargo
European auto, Instagram model
Drankin' out the bottle, heard she like to swallow
Gucci Mane a model, snakes all on my collar
Brand new Winnebago, lay low with the yayo
Yellow bone chicano, my brother call me Gato
These kicks ain't one day old, why rock them, they ain't retro
Point your marks, get set, go, I'm racin' with a peso
Rainbow with the crayons, they red, blue, green and yellow
If you hang out with narcos, then I can't be your partner
I live by the G-code, my paper worth proper

Gato, Gato, Gato
Who is, Gato, Coat, Gato
Coat, Gato
[?], Gato, Coat, Gato
Murder, Gato, work, Gato

I just got a truck-load, I'm dancin' like I'm Diddy (Diddy)
I deliver bundles, I'll take over your city (Guwop)
Chopper fully-auto, I'll smoke you like some midget
Bullets big as potholes, they'll merk you while I'm pissin'
CEO, honcho, got twenty-five assists
My bricks came with a barcode, but I don't sign to get it
Don't fuck no more you broke ho, give her my assistance
That whip she got on so old, gave her two stacks to fix it
I'm a desperado, free all the desperados
Twenty years been back home, he still got his bravado
My homeboy from Michigan, took kilo out the bottle
You wanna go get your own a hundred million dollars

Gato, Gato, Gato
Wrist, Gato, Who is, Gato
Coat, Gato
[?], Gato, Coat, Gato
Murder, Gato, work, Gato

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