Alligators lyrics

Weighin it with the balance
Smokin on the Cali
The way a nigga valet, you think i'm doin ballet
Live my life ruthless, feelin real coupe-ish
Yellow feet, yellow Vette, and that bitch roofless
Suede guts in the Benz same color Scooby
Bracelet like 'I'm him' Jacob sayin 'Who he?'
Ring sayin 'What's up' Chain sayin 'Oohwee'
Grill say 'Drugged up' Tats say 'So street'
Underwear Burberry, Favorite fragrance Wall Street
Type of girl? Real thick, favorite color money green
Candlelight dinner gave her Cristal & x-pill
Wake up in the morning give her crab legs and oatmeal
Lobster tail and cheese grits, you ain't never seen this
Money tall like skyscrapers and i really mean this
Lobster tail and cheese grits, you aint' never seen this
Money tall like skyscrapers and i really mean this

Long paper, tall paper
Stick to skrill like flypaper
Car look just like now and later
Shoes right there are alligators

Goin to my old school from bumper to bumper fool
Chunk a hundred stacks now we got more than ?!?!? school
Just like my diamonds my car is so colorful
Rims pimped out, what the fuck I need Xzibit for?
I change lanes and i change hues from lime green to dark blue
Had it paint chameleon so they swang and they change too
Shine harder, grind harder, air ones look like tapwater, chrome rims look like silver quarters, got a see through top like bathwater
Dark green donks and the rims look like pickle juice
Twentysix inches sittin on the ??
Sittin in the hottub with the shawty off the Bentley Coupe
Paint look like bloodred and the guts look like tomato soup


Big ol' chain, and a big ol' Range
My '74 Olds got a big ol brain
Yellow vette same color as the Dom champagne
2007 centerfielder Gucci Mane
Damn Gucci Mane your car so clean, got 5 girlfriends like a b-ball team
Got a gasoline catalina listerine, got a clearcoat Chevy call that bitch chlorine
Wall street cologne cost $3000 bucks, on my first date went and got my dick sucked
Goddamn Gucci Mane you too damn much, lockin down the brake and i'm holdin the clutch

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