Makin Money Fly lyrics

Im makin money fly yeah
im makin money fly im makin money fly yeah im makin money fly

Throw ya money in da air if ya real high ya boy gucci in da club makin money fly

Im makin money fly yeah
im makin money fly im makin money fly yeah im makin money fly

What goes up it must come down we so high we see stone mountain
Cold B.C we so drowsy
Stupid kush pack now i feel lowsy
stones aint cloudy girl shake it shake it.
60 Thousand dollars on my jakey jakey
color diamonds yellow diamonds gucci keep a heavy chain leave the club then hit my car and come bak wit anotha chain
Gucci Mane conceited Girl he arraget and cocky my watch is kinda rude but my necklace obnoxious
Shawty wanna eat so i gave the girl a sausage
I neva been a terrist i neva took no girl for hostige

Gucci mane throwing money in da air mane
You aint heard the kid bought an airplane and a fat chain and a big rang gucci mane laflare im doing good mane Pull up to the club in an H2 blue and white jacob sayin to you how you how you damn do wit ya thick as come over here we got plenty cash 4 girls and they rite in front of me black and yellow stone lookin like a bumble bee on that bouldercrest i sell alot of thing gucci mane Laflare my nigga pass the weed

Gucci mane girls call me a rainer ya girl diggin me so i call her a brainer, i game her, and shawty kno the status of the kid i do not smoke mid but do i have that sick yes u guess and baby im truly blessed i fresh no doubt im dougie im most fresh its gucci i rock wit prada i rock louie its gucci shoutout to crown holdaz and coogi its gucci


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Chicken Talk Pt.2 - 2008

Gucci Mane - Chicken Talk Pt.2 album cover
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Chicken Talk Pt.2 - 2008
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