Mr. And Mrs. Perfect lyrics

she bad,she scraight,she fine as hell
whats up with ya whats up with you little mama i got the bands(ooh mr. perfect)

Ms perfect she right
mr perfect now mr right
ms perfect damn she fly
mr perfect hurt yo eye
whip with the matching ice
watch out cause i take ya down
cause she looking perfect and im mr perfect
yo gurl perfect
im mr perfect
yo gurl flirting cause my chain perfect
watch ring perfect earrangs perfect
she ms perfect and i am mr perfect

she thick and she curvy
ms perfect she fine and she perty
bootie real big but her waist little bitty
say let me talk to this girl for a minute
gucci mane laflare i do not have a bently
but baby girl i am richer than richy
vvs chain on just like 50
all white diamond watch just like diddy
3 or 4 charms on just like busta
but so derty no it aint nelly
ice game killed em wrist game melted
yo girl perfect ask a good question
sideling girlfriend im not stressing
im not stressing cause im so wealthy
sideline girlfriend im not stressing
im not stressing cause im so wealthy


my wrist perfect,white wrist perfect
4 big chains on so my neck hurting
corvette perfect bootie just perfect
management perfect so i stay working
big vette perfect damn we thirsty
need some big thick girls bootie look perfect
25 hundred no they dont deserve it
how they dont deserve it titis looking perfect
bootie look perfect face look perfect
no she not a virgin but she can be my girlfriend
took her to the mansion yeah we bang
she been chilling in the mansion 3 or 4 days


Gucci mane laflare you can call me wilt chamberlin
Ea sports cause its all in the game man
jumped out early so we slanging
progress up since the caine the game banging
damn baby girl in love with a banger
twisting up his fingers to throw a little set(blood in)
ms perfect you fucked her but you paid her
i paid her but i probably pay more
whip need 4 horse 2 chains 2 doors
2 seats 2 glocks jamming at the youth spot

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