Feelin Myself lyrics

Affiliates nigga, pay attention!

Time, power, man Gucci real man
Shawty red on the track know what I'm talkin bout- we back at it! (shawty)
Shawt man (shawt), cut my swagg up and cut the beat down man (comne on with it)

[Verse 1:]
I got juice like bishop, paint pretty like richard
I'm a shhhh (sound effect) like emit game I'm antoine fisher
And I am legend jus like fresh prince, but dis no will smith I'm braveheart mel gibson
I'm samuel jackson cause I think it's time to kill em, the right wrist diddy but my left wrist fifty
I'm livin like pac but I'm spittin like biggie, a shoutout to aaliyah cause her voice was so pretty (R.I.P.)
I say what I feel like pimp c did it (R.I.P.), Gucci tarentino or jus call me young quentin
Or Gucci nicholas cage I take ya girl in sixty seconds
Or Gucci Mane travolta davin's doin' the slow dancin
Call me so icey ventura got ya laughing, keep dough like homer she suck it like maggie
I got donk beat in my trunk so the police start trippin
Sir I'm not drag racin I jus have a large engine (vrrrrrmmmm)

I don't think you feel me like I'm feelin myself
You suckas hatin on Gucci Mane dats bad for ya health
Jewlry, cars, clothes, women, and wealth
So ya hatin on the kid is like ya hatin on ya self

[Verse 2:]
Get a good ticket cause dat dude there spend it, million dollars hid right in 15 minutes
Cash the def check cop 2 hard top bentlys, quarter million gone jus 15 seconds (well damn)
2008 on my 15th necklace, got all of the accessories so Gucci Mane flexin
Backstage ticket cause da kid here kick it, I'm Gucci Mane la flair my bezzle round house kick it
They think I'm drivin daisy but gicci ain't with it, sex and the city way I handle my women
Ya think it's crest school 09'so icey boys, baby blast da radio like ll Gucci
I'm crazy like da lil partner so pay me Gucci, j.o.c. me, salute me when ya see me
Kiss da ground beneath me, I eat beef, so I'm a eat ya food jus on da g.p. (it's Gucci)


[Verse 3:]
Call me Gucci big balla, east atlanta globetrotter
It's a blowout no problem, bricks I still slam dunk em
I make it 360 soon as I double pump it, got a silver sniper rifle so I really shoot a jumper
Cross the game up dawg take it to the bucket
Say he like a tre so I pass it to da corner
I'm so hot I want it and I think I'm on it jus like kobe keep the white girl but not a woman
See my hummer hold a 100 bills, stash the 40
Acura bring a 1000 in the van 5300, on to drama with da money
Bank accounts with money, doin shows cross da country so they grade me on performances
It's Gucci!

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