Fat Ass lyrics


Shawty got a full swag
And she got a fat ass
I can't let dat ass pass
So gone get dat ass fast
I got so much cash
Baby I keep rats
Baby got swag jack
And baby got back man

[Verse 1]
Whip Chamberlin call me Mr. Perfect
Shawty got an ass man her shape is gorgeous
She perfect
No she is not a virgin
She frost bit
Her earrings cost a fortune
This is another ZT recording
50 grand a check so you cant afford it
Aint no pussy I cant afford
Got a Chevy got a O's Hummer a Ford
She gorgeous, flawless
Baby you're perfect
Gucci Mane say I look better in person
Album, Mr. Perfect baby
Gotta be perfect to fuck with Radric
Radric Davis my AKA is
Whip Chamberlin, Im ballin baby
Whip bracelet, ring, Gucci necklace
Whip Chamberlin, damn Im flexin


[Verse 2]
Rich man shit girl damn ya husband
Im Gucci get money while ya man's a hasband
I love bad bitches so Im a lesbian
I rather have thick but she fine Im drillin
Pill get in and she started to vibrate
Icy as a polar bear
I need to go hibernate
This California cutie keep on hitting my MySpace
Say she wanna fly in
She gotta ?
Shawty we kicked it
Her ass more bigger than Buffy the Bushy
I mean Buffy the Body
I fucked her
A couple mo hoes dats nothing


[Verse 3]
Big booty girls love ballin niggaz
Every show I do my ego gets bigger
Every feature my bank row gets swoller
Polar bear pinkys man my fingers colder
Wanna be like Gucci when I grow older
A young man said like a boss suppose to
All dat ass girl you a poster
Didnt I see you last night at Strokers
30 grand gone call it self promotion
Ass everywhere call it self indulgent
Shawty got a ass on her she bustin
Im not fuckin, stop the nonscence
I'll fuck yo girlfriend, I have no conscience
Shawty got a swag but I got the hundreds
All dat ass man Im astounded
She dropped it
I stood and looked there dumb-founded


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