Blunt Fulla Dro lyrics

(feat. ft j.a)

Drop down (x6)

I gotta blunt fulla dro glass fulla vo v.i.p in da club fulla ho's tryna see a few of dees broads touch toes drop down low n put they ass on da flo(x4)

(verse 1)
50 pounds of dro everyday iz a friday pull up 2 my house u can smell it from da driveway smokin on dat gangsta niggas call it 2pac 20,000 dollas worth of profit in my shoebox ridin thru da hood wit a pound in da console all a nigga do is smoke dro rap and fuck hoes yea im gucci mane sign ya'self up in da buildin niggas start hatin then we kidnappin children nigga couldn't git me 2 sign for a million i dnt really rap i just speak on how im livin got so much money i can give myself a contract blow so much dro i can give daworld a contact streetwise mafiatized we wiseguys dispised by pie ass niggas who tell lies steadley doin shows but they aint gettn money tho gucci in da booth spittn da truth off a blunt of dro

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