98 Degrees (Freestyle) lyrics

It's 98 degrees but I shoul can't feel it cuz its o so friged in my 08 villie stupid money long short of the fuckin century you don't pay me shawty shoot em in his damn knee i'm so high dog I can't here ya why you talkin I'm not listnin diamonds glistnin I'm so cushed rocka roll of purple mix dis shit up with 50 thousand dollars imma fuck dis club up throw it in the air make em pick that shit up get a bitch dick ha down pass dat bitch around very freaky girls at the So Icy compound yeaah you know it's goin down hell man you know its goin down So entertainment Gucci class clown higher then a airplane fresher than your husband touch da ass of any girl started fuckin busin shawty started blushin fucked from da back then shawty started nuttin shawty start nuttin somebody girlfriend in this party somebody stop me kid don got started somebody stop me Gucci got started I'm no Denzel but hoes like i'm no heart throb I'm just gucci outfit Coogi crown holder hoe So Icy CEO stockholder hoe CEO COO auntie Ms.A tellem what you do we so rich we don't even need you please call back we countin call back in da mornin cuz we still countin last year stole miney still ain't touched it Bart Simpson chain but im finna get Krusty it's Gucci

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