Pretty Lush lyrics

I draw them on reckless, etched in, scratched in like resurrection.
Your sins are killing you and you can bet they'll get me too.
I've got to give some to get some.
Mining in the river, standing in the rain.
Down on your knees as you heave at the drain.
You can lead a whore to water and you can bet she'll drink and follow
And I said, "Is this what you wanted?"
"Is this what you needed?"
Give it some more time.
Tonight I'm going to a party, but its already started without me.
I aced philosophy and mastered the art of spiritual phrase.
I've got to give some to get some.
The disco ball spins away another year.
I wish you a broken heart and a happy new year.
Only three words come to mind ("True Till' Death")

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