(Interlude) Puff lyrics

It's going to be hard though brothers
It's going to be hard
I don't want a lot of you

I know the fight I'm in for
I'm fighting for me

Got a rope-a-dope
Baby, run out of rope-a-dope
Tell them the joke
Tell them the joke, man
I've been banished from Elysium, b
You gotta change the code
Nah, nah, nah, nah, I haven't been banished
They let me stay
I stay in Elysium cause I got that type of pass
But they don't let me play ball with them no more
I be coming to the playground, no one throw me the ball
I be still lookin' fly and mother..
They love me, but they just want to talk
It's lonely at the top?
They just want me to coach the team
Nah, it can't happen like that
You gotta get back in ball, on the court
Can I play with the ball?
Can someone pass me the ball, please
Can I play, can I, I wanna play
You play with the ball, that's disrespectful
And I'm gonna tell you what happens when I get the ball
When I get the ball I'm gonna take a knife out of my pocket and stab that shit
No one playing ball right now
Not while I'm going out on this white horse
I'm back motherfuckers
You thought I was gonna play ball with you nigga's
You nigga's aren't even on my level

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