I Want You lyrics

[performed by French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Cokeboy Flip]

[French Montana:]
Black hoody black sneaks black bans on
Money off everythang I put my hands on
Mob ties had to jump into barb wires
Now a nigga sittin court side
Go an believe what u read get cha feelings hurt
I'm bumpin pimp c while I'm sippin syrup
Niggas get da point fuck a foul line
My bitch is a 10 I'm a cloud 9
On that red eye try taste some
One my eyes red, off that haze and rum
Clean like I'm 'bout to mix you hard
Get your plane ticket, nigga one way to God

You know I want you
You know I need you
I gots to have you
Let me please you

[Chinx Drugz:]
Hard times built a nigga up
All is broken down
Snatch the wing off the bird then I made a supper
95 percent dem niggas suckas
U think it's all real dey breakin small bills
Late nite candle lite with dat cold steel
Slept thru the blizzard I know how the cold feel
Ride dirty still ridin on them 4 wheels
Kiss the game on the forehead
Lay it down to rest
Large amounts of stress
Got me on my murder one
Deal's on the table, still try serving one
I'm from the jungle they don't go there
Far rock america you get it for the low there

You know I want you
You know I need you
I gots to have you
Let me please you

Wanna c your dream come true u gotta wake up
First thing on my mind in the morning is get this cake up
I got a sort of a vision with the way I bake up
Cause I'm the nigga the fiends c for the wake up
Product of my environment that's just me
Speak highly when dey speak bout me
Coke boy f to the l I p
Catch me with montana or that boy chinx d
Drugs nothing but love when u fuckin with us
Ciroc and some sticky and it's all on us
I hate a naggin ass nigga worst than my baby mama
So stay the fuck from round me cause I ain't with da drama
U kno I keep the llama and dats word to my mama

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