Plenty Money lyrics

Money got my dick harder than a straight jab
Steppin on that work like a break pad
Whole differnet wight class.8 blast
Knock fuckin inches off your fake ass
Montana straight cash, know we bring the slughs out
Niggas in the dog house, plenty money
They gonna buy em all out, ball out
First to a couple mill, tell my nigga max I'm gonna be prepareed

Take over this shit for real
Know we fuck the most hard, know we drive the most cars
Know we had the most beef, know we right the hottest bars
Dirty like a kitchen mop, fuck a nigga rich or not
On that flossy shit don't do it just get yo pot
Know I had to get the blow, shit wasn't difficult
First had to show em that we know em so we good to go
Here we go, montana switch the flow
Way before this wack shit, rap shit
Nigga didn't get to go

Plenty money

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