Queen Of Night lyrics

[Music: Ivar Peersen - Lyrics: Ivar Peersen]

Across the scorched fields of fathers land

In each step an abyss is built
Through misty dreams he touched her hand

The boar is dead

Its blood is spilt

He set his foot on the slopes of far away
They'd been asleep when his sun roared
He walked through night, walked through day

Landless mourning lord

"Why should we let you by?"

The road is blocked by men of three

"If you need ask, you already know"

They said to let him pass, to leave him be

At the shores of sorrow
How far he'd come (to see her eyes)
(After) Moons and more moons
He'd be there tomorrow

"And I would travel across the water
To where she lies"

On the sea of solitude he rows
The winds howl her name, he has no fears

Tired and smiling he falls, downwards he goes
There she is, waiting after all these years

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Below The Lights - 2003

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