In Reality lyrics

If I take your time
Would you think that I'm
A little anxious for a friend
If I ask your name
Try to play that game
Would you be willing to pretend
'Cause in reality
This informality
Is really not my style
But I'll
Force my fears aside
Though they're justified
'Cause I'm too tired to be this strong
So if you say its alright
I'll share your candlelight
Even if it seems all wrong
But in reality
This technicality
Is really not important anyway
You could say
I never wanted you before
And honey you'd be well within your rights
To tell me where to put my care
But I'm not searching for a cure
So if you turn your back
I'll find somebody else
To whisper my despair to
But somehow I can't bear to
Leave this crowded room
So if I assume
That you'll be careful I'll be kind
And tie my hands behind my back
And hope you'll give me what I lack
'Cause I don't want to change my mind
But in reality
My personality
Just won't suit yours at all
So if you should ever call
I'll let the phone ring like I always do
And you'll be better off
If I brush you off
And you can say you always knew
But in reality
In actuality
This really is the best thing I can do
So it will never be
But in reality
I loved...

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