By The Sword (Poem) lyrics

'Days of Old' I tell my restless mind
Searching mountains, fields, and meadows green
What is it my heart can hope to find
All I long for I have never seen
Tales of glory written in the dust
Tapestries of deepest purple gold
Legends carved in stone tell me I must
Journey through the mist and bitter cold
Seeking in the corners of the earth
My companions I have never known
Blindly running forth - Is honor worth
Endless hours of silence spent alone?
But in this brotherhood I still believe
And for the time we've lost my soul will grieve
Yet through the world I wander for somewhere
I'll find my brothers - By the sword I swear
In my memory awakening
Like a dream too sweet to cast away
Shadows of the past begin to sing
Calling to me in their gallant way:
Come away with us brother in arms
Through the seas of silver, fields of gold
Join us as we battle he who harms
And fight with valour as in days of old
Rescue damsels fine and maidens fair
Free the noble who have done no wrong
Though it seems the world may little care
Some are left that to the Round belong
For in this brotherhood we still believe
And for the time we've lost our souls will grieve
Yet through the world we wander for somewhere
We'll find our brothers - By the sword we swear

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