What If? lyrics

Boxed in, feel small, four walls closin' in again
Just like clockwork, ahhhah
On a line, too long, hung out, dryer than the desert sand
And I just don't feel like
The stars are aligned, the world is mine
The time is right, but what if
Yeah what if that is that

One day, the one that you always say
If it never came along
You'd never let it get away
Just like a last dance
There's never a second chance
To hold on (hold on), so hold on
What if this is that one day

It's so hard to see dreams you're building
Crashing down fast just like dominoes, ahhhah
Can't hide on roof tops from raindrops
So spread your wings, soak it up
Before it gets too late and
It's easier to quit the game and hide your pain
But what if, yeah what if this is that


Oh you never know, oh you never know, oh you never know
No you never really know, what if, what if, what if, yeah what if this is that


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