When I See You Again lyrics
I still talk to you
Whenever I’m alone
I hear you in my prayers
Feel you in the wind that blows.

I wonder how you are
What you’re doing way up there
Are you laughing or are you crying
Cause you miss us all down here.

Only god knows when
You'll smile and take my hand
When I see you again
When I see you again.

I wish I had the chance
To hold you one last time
It hurts me to know you never got to say goodbye.

You’re never really gone
Your memory remains
I miss you more than words could ever help me to explain.

Only god knows when
This road I’m on will end
When I see you again.

I'll see you when the set runs out
When the song is over and the curtain falls down
I’ll see you on the other side
You can show me what it’s like.

Only god knows when
You’ll smile and take my hand
I’ll say how you been
When I see you again
I'll see you again

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