Love Song For Myself lyrics

This is a love song for myself
For me, by me, everything it ought to be
A self-centered melody in the key of me

Hey girls
You're looking for that final push
This song will turn your mind to mush and straighten all your curls

I will always be here for me (Fortunately for me)
Come with me my destiny
(Nights with me)
I will sing this song of me
(To an audience of me)
Listen to what the cat man sings

This is a dream where I control everything
Never gonna wake up, never gonna share my cum.
Not with you or anyone until you come to see.

My views on my perception
I think I have all the tools to be a deity


There once was a time when we were two
I even needed help tying my shoe
The expectations were low
The time slipping by and nowhere to go
So I cut myself free
Yea I'm feeling so free
But it's clear, I wouldn't be you without me

This is a love song for myself
Tragic, epic the kind of thing that makes you sick
My candles got a shorter wick and I'm burning out

I'm sure you say good things about me
Cause I never doubt me, but now I'm made of doubt


Listen to what the cat man sings [x10]
(ME ME ME ME MEEEEE) [repeating]

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