The Ballad Of Andy And Richie lyrics
well i don't know why the hell i'm here
but i guess that's what we all say
unless we've given up, and resigned ourselves

to sink and to pray
so i'll ask you all
are you frightened of dying?
or that the bridge'll break beneath your feet
and at the very bottom of the sea you'll be lying
and you'll be lying to yourself
and to everyone else
when you try to lift your hand
past the sea and the waves and the sand
all the way to heaven
well i hope you'll understand
that everything you've said's been said before
everything you've thought's been thought before

and you're some hollowed-out kid
but aren't we all?
we fall so easily but we still stand so tall
cause we don't realize, we're still holdin' on
to heights we'll never reach, we're too far gone
and our rebellion's just a joke
that we aren't in on
our spines keep twisting with the seasons
and i don't know yours, but I know my reasons
and I know they're laughin', lookin' down on us
knowin' that everything we think is meaningful
everything we love is nothing but dust

and all these kids are wastin' away
it's our American dream, and it's morning today!
God bless you, Ronald Reagan!
and God bless you, Haliburton,
and God bless you, mystery man behind the curtains!
and God bless Coca Cola!
and God bless Philip Morris!
and God bless all you fucking drones that inform us!
and God bless the blood that drips
from our jaws as we're grinning in the corner
and the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Disney, Viacom, Newscorp, and Time Warner!

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