Meskaleen Novacaine Gum lyrics
well the swirls of light and those girls are right
they're melting away as you sleep
and all the kids with their loose lids

they drink it they drink it they drink it deep and
your fountains are overflowing with the sound of modern love
and you'll break your knees and darling please, it's the sound i can't get enough of

and your mercury is flowing down the river and the mountains
and in time we're broken and we'll be built from sticks and crowns and
we'll tumble down the side and our mouths will be awake
and all our arms will clasp together and our bodies, they will shake
and then we'll be freed from our collective
consciousness of thought
and all the sands we've waded through
they are real and they are beautiful and they're broken and they rot

and your bells are ringing in the castle where our angels will hide
when our bodies are buried and we're free to step outside
and our arms will stretch, they'll stretch, they'll stretch towards the sky
like they were reaching for the light that we won't see til we die
and when i know that the soil under my feet's gonna fall away too
i'll know that the sky is painting pictures for you

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