A New Song For You lyrics
and when the aqueducts all crumble into the rivers
and i will be tied down with scarves and shivers
and those kids'll all be starin out into space

looking for stars and those scars spanning across their faces
and it'll all blur together just like the stars
that are illuminating our reflections in our cars
and we'll all be spilled out, like paint across the sky
and then i'll just keep wondering why

and the sand won't remember if we've stepped there
unless we crush it beneath our soles
and the kids'll just keep standing there
starin at all of the cracks and the holes
that are stretched across the walls, that are towering so high
that we'll never never see the top, not til we die
but will it be our souls or our shoes
or the soles of our shoes
that are lookin' down from the sky

and the river will choke, it'll bleed and die
and all the kids'll be wonderin', wonderin' why

and in the dreams of those kids, floatin' in the atmosphere
they'll sail across their bloodstream, and wonder why we're here
and the avenues collapse, and the spotlights'll grow dim
and we'll all wonder why the hell we invited him
cause he's standing in the doorway
blocking out the sun
and we cough with the lungs that we've created from the crumbs
of distant lives and thoughts, that we've crushed into dust
and we've left their children to die, and their monuments to rust
and if we can't stand any longer, if we can't step any longer
you'll wish your breath weren't shallow, that your lungs themselves were stronger
and in the catacombs we've sewn, we look towards the earth
wondering what if we came from it, if from it we were birthed
and we sprouted up like trees
our knees rising from the dirt
and our hands stretching far
until our arms just hurt
because we can't stretch, we can't stretch any farther
and we'll never touch the planets
we'll never think any longer

and we'll sail along, like we don't remember why
and we'll all wish it was us in the sky
and we'd be freed from our lives, freed from all our pain
and we wonder if we'll ever breathe again

and kids in their cars
are drowning in the bars
and they shimmer in the light cast down from the stars
and if i ever need to wonder
or think anymore
all i'll need is a drink
from some sweet bottled whore

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