Down lyrics

You don't remember what to say, don't remember what to do
You don't remember where to go, don't remember what to choose,
You will, you steal, you feel, you'll kneel

Down down down down
I ain't gonna kneel on down, I ain't gonna kneel on down

Seen the rain cloud followed me for years
But never would let it bother me
Now when the lightning cracks
I think I would never be where I'm at
Cause it had an impact growing up
Think back I was way too young then to know enough
About the liberty my mum had given me
Then the reaper stole her soul [?],
My first friend I ever knew of
The worst thing forgot about him when I grew up,
Cause when we went and moved away to Broom, Perth
Wasn't doing much, not for the two of my parents,
Staring the journey in the eye,
We drove 4 days and then 3 nights and just like that
We started a new life and just like that
On a bus watching fights, and maybe we'd fight back
Till one of them stayed down, it wasn't the right track
If this is my playground, the day drowned out
The years passed by now just found out
My mum and dad needed time out,
Why now, we just settling in and then we fly out, never together again
Could have severed a limb with the pain,
Could have pointed the blame but I will not kneel

Down down down down
I ain't gonna kneel on down, I ain't gonna kneel on down

I was twelve nah actually I think I was thirteen,
Well darker the day that I first seen
The hell mark in the arm of my friend couldn't tell
But it felt like a part of me ended
Depended on crew to lead the way
They sent the wrong message and lead us astray
I was able to see the phase was fatal,
Some crave the painful life and they pay full price
For their action, addiction, attraction
Every little restriction fell through the cracks in the pavement
A slave to the underwhelmed,
Wasn't one to tell them that it was dumb as hell,
And the summer melt them so they stayed in the shade,
Get burnt playing with fire, get cut playing with razors,
Amazing how all changes,
Amazing how all the popular bullies became lamers,
It's a page in the chapter of the living,
Have to put in practice when your rap's unforgiven,
But far the times, stars inline, then you missed your chance
But you can not kneel down

Down down down down
I ain't gonna kneel on down, I ain't gonna kneel on down
[Repeat until the end].

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The Life Of Riley - 2011

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The Life Of Riley - 2011
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