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You must remember wakin' up in Paris with the blunt
You must remember fuckin' me like anytime you want
What made us wanna act like we were married for two weeks?

Now we back in California, we don't even speak
That's a no no

Everyone said we look good on paper
You deserve that action
Plus you get more paper than I do, that shit attractive
Things that make me miss you, where Jen and Melissa
(Say Hi, M)
Tell the squad I said what up girl
Look at me, look at me, look at I
Ballin' out, swear I use to be shy
Young nigga
Back when I, was tryna' make a, MI
My nigga, when can I
How is this shit goin' how it is
I always seem to kill it and yet everybody lives
I hope that they remember me, for everything I did
It's some views from the 6
Just some views from the 6

Uh, yuh, dudes from the six couple dudes from the six
Yuh, uh
One time for my nigga drizzy drake
Knew this shit would happen
Yo I'm sorry for the wait
Couple niggas from the six
Shit ain't happen by mistake
Nah, this shit ain't happen by mistake
Nah, no
I bet you probably not used to me
A real nigga that'll tell it how it is
How I live you could really get used to it
I been working
I been doing shit
Really I been taking trips all across the states
Always on the road like I don't got a place to stay
Gettin' money like I'm tryna get it out the way
I'm getting to it fast, then I'm jumpin on the plane
I be gone, everybody want me back home
But they don't love me back home
Till I'm coming back home
To my city I'm lebron
I've been fucking around with everybody lately
Cause I ain't fucking around with anybody lately
Lately they been talking bout a young nigga
I've been a, kid with a
Answers but nah I ain't passing around my paper, nigga no
Fuck that
Fuck it life
Get you life
Get your money right cause my shit is over priced
Nigga yes
Really real
Truely true
I'm getting overpaid cause this shit is overdue
This the view

Dudes from the six
Just some dudes from the six
Drizzy what up!
Dudes from the six
Couple dudes from the

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