Crying lyrics

I was all right for a whileI could smile for a whilethen I saw you last nightyou held my hand so tightwhen you stopped to say hellothen you wished me well, you couldn?t tell that I?d beenCrying over youCrying over youthen you said ?so long?left me standing all alonealone and cryingcrying, crying, cryingit?s hard to understandthat the touch of your handcan start me cryingI thought that I was over youbut it?s true, oh so trueI love you even more than I did beforebut darling, what can I do?oh you don?t love meand I?lla lways beCrying over youCrying over youyes, now you?re goneand from this moment onI?ll be crying, cryingcrying, cryingI?m crying, cryingover you

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