Pieces lyrics

Peel me back, seal the crack
No excuse, a piece is loose
Grab the wheel and feel the pieces of our love

Wrapped inside me, but I wouldn't want it judged
Our love, our love

I can't stay, you won't wait
Meet me there, of course it's fair
Give it time to find the pieces of our love
Wrapped around me, they're the pieces I can't touch
Of our love, our love

Can you hold me now
Can you wave a hand and suddenly there's no more doubt
Can you make it so
Can you bring a smile that makes me forget I don't know

I can wait
Is it too late
I'm not sure, I'll take your word

I need some help to grab the pieces of our love
Wrapped inside me, like you couldn't hurt enough
Our love, our love
Our love, our love

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