Poledo lyrics
Not an innocent I bleed my place that settle turning smirk that's always fixed upon my face walking weakness hope I die without a sound I'm that little boy with my feet nailed to the ground I kn
M guilty my stomach always hurts milking your attention for the little it is worth I'm turning browner every day I'm really turning down a stay tired of your little van I've been around too long
D of walking talking with me edging me along well, I detest your patience I know you've always known you know that I'm a thief it's so great to be alone alone (that's that) [static, static] I do
Are it's lie, I wound I'm a stupid baby hope it breaks in two

[noise] jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus jesus is christ jesus jesus is christ [noise] I don't see I don't feel like every little moron I think nothing's real I don't care it's lie, I wound d
G, skip the faith that only breaks in two [noise] through a dozen layers and there's no evil here only this great power we misunderstand so please relax take a pain laugh out loud when you forge
R name jesus laughs take the pain laugh out loud when you forget your name it doesn't live there's no evil here these great powers we misunderstand tell you about everything tell you about every
(go) (go) (now)

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