MTV - Get Off The Air lyrics

Fun Fun Fun in the fluffy chairFlame up the herbWoof down the beer(click!)HiI'm your video DJI always talk like I'm wigged out on quaaludesI wear a satin baseball jacket everywhere I goMy job is to help destroyWhat's left of your imaginationBy feeding you endless dosesOf sugar-coated mindless garbageSo don't createBe sedateBe a vegetable at homeAnd thwack on that dialIf we have our way even you will believeThis is the future of rock and roll(B. Vocals:M.T.V.-GET OFF THE AIR!!!)How far will you goHow low will you stoopTo tranquilize our minds with your sugar-coated swillYou've turned rock and roll rebellionInto Pat Boone sedationMaking sure nothing's left to the imaginationM.T.V. Get off theM.T.V. Get off theM.T.V. Get off the airGet off the airSee the latest rejects from the muppet showWag their tits and their dicksAs they lip-synch on screenThere's something I don't likeAbout a band who always smilesAnother tax write-offFor some schmuck who doesn't careM.T.V. Get off the airAnd so it wasOur beloved corporate godsClaimed they created rock videoAllowing it to sink as low in one yearAs commercial TV has in 25"It's the new frontier," they sayIt's wide open, anything can happenBut you've got a lot of nerveTo call yourself a pioneerWhen you're too god-damn conservativeTo take real chances.Tin-earedGraph-paper brained accountantsInstead of music fansCall all the shots at giant record companies nowThe lowest common denominator rulesForget honestyForget creativityThe dumbest buy the mostestThat's the name of the gameBut sales are slumpingAnd no one will say whyCould it be they put out one too many lousy records?!?M.T.V.--Get off the air!NOW!

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