Help Me V2 lyrics

Your lyrics to help me are wrong as are most of the ones from free, but i
Couldn't let you keep the wrong lyrics to the best concrete blonde song on
The home page. the lyrics are as follows:

Maybe it's twist of fate
But the days and the nites and the nites and days
Are all tossing and turning and turning and burning inside my brain
Maybe I'm finally insane, but I don't know what I believe anymore
Its like I'm caught in some revolving door going over and over and over and
Over and
Teach me how to pray
Tell me what to say
Help me
Help me
Help me find my way
I never could play their games
You know that all their faces look the same
And I wont give up wont give in
You know I never want to be like them
Well I'm ticking away like time
You know I'm out of synch and I'm out of my mind
You know I used to know a truth from a lie just by looking in their eyes
Carry me away
Further and further and further every day
Help me
Help me
Help me find my way
Im hanging by a thread
And the waves of confusion fall down on my head
And when I think of all the things you said
Well the words fall dead
Higher every day
A price I swore I'd never pay
Help me
Help me
Help me find my way
Help me find my way, way, way....

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