Death of a Surfer lyrics
Each day I get into my car
And drive along the shore
To the place where I first saw you

Ride a wave, ride a wave

I know that you don't see me there
Wet sand clinging to your hair
As you take me, take me away
When we

Ride a wave, ride a wave

Sometimes I watch you paddle
Way out in the sea
And I think of what it would be like
If you were next to me

Sometimes I get so scared, so scared
As the ocean carries you
And you are so amazing
You are a surfer true

Today I saw your picture in the papaer
They said the weather changed suddenly and you were lost
Suddenly, somewhere near new zealand
And I cried many tears as I now lay ...

And I cried many tears as I now lay flowers on your face, your skin
And everyone around me is saying your name

My love, your name

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