In The Ghetto (Remix) lyrics

(feat. Ludacris, Rick James)

[Busta Rhymes:]
Uh, y'know, this time as we circle around the block, as we travel through the hood
Ya mean? This time I had to pick up one of my homies to help me tour guide you again through the hood - my nigga Luda!

[Rick James - sampled from "Ghetto Life" + (Busta Rhymes):]
When I was a young boy, (REMIX!) growin up in the ghetto! (REMIX!)
Hangin out on corners, (REMIX!) singin with the fellas (REMIX!)
Lookin for the cute chicks, (Flipmode, bitch) tryin to find me big fun (DTP)
Lookin for some trouble, (Yeah, yeah) or anyone who'll give me some (Here we go!)
I was young and crazy! (In the ghetto) (REMIX!)
Didn't know what my life would be (In the ghetto) (REMIX!)
I was dumb and oh so lazy (In the ghetto) (REMIX!)
Something had a spell on me (In the ghetto) (REMIX!)
You all know what I'm talkin 'bout (Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
(Talkin 'bout ghetto life) (And as we continue on)
You all know what I'm singin 'bout (Talkin 'bout ghetto life) (We gon' continue to travel through every ghetto through every part of this motherfucking planet, ya heard?)
Ghetto liiiiiiiiife (Talkin 'bout ghetto life) (LET'S GO!)

[Busta Rhymes:]
(In the ghetto) Crackheads all over the place
Where they be stockpile dry boogers on they face
Where they mother put spit up on they finger - wiping it off
Or put a knife to the skin of a few - slicing it off
Where younger kids be looking at the older man funny, like he trifling
Recycling soda can money
My niggaz ball now and youngins try to ball later
While they hustle, muzzle em, selling a final call paper
For the perm, when you see the black hair natural
Crackhead'll off a nigga's head for a capsule
Find alot of good game, alot of hood fame
Police know alot of niggaz by they first name
Experience your first struggle, and you'll see your first pain
Get your first drug money, it'll be your first chain
Now, and even when it looks like shit is getting worse
Up in the ghetto, regardless I'm a rep the hood first
Gotta love it

[Chorus: Rick James + (Ludacris)]
(Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
(Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
You all know what I'm singin 'bout (Talkin 'bout ghetto life) (Remix, yeah, we know about that ghetto life, remix)
Ghetto liiiiiiiiife (Talkin 'bout ghetto life) (Luda! Check it out, look)

(In the ghetto) That ghetto life sure is drastic!
All the furniture's covered in plastic
Hand-me-down brothers with past clothes
Milk crates as basketball goals
Lil kids go to SLEEP for dinner
Use hangers as t.v. antennaes
We drink kool-aid without the water
And most kids is without they father
Use pots and pans for roof leaks
Crackheads with average 2 teeth
Tell grandmama to stay strong
The ambulance is taking to LONG!
Lil babies out playing in the street
Use the oven and stove as HEAT!
Alot of tests and daily scars
And we gotta drink out of jelly jars when

(Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
Ghetto liiiiiiiiife (Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
You all know what I'm singin 'bout (Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
Ghetto liiiiiiiiife (Talkin 'bout ghetto life)

[Busta Rhymes:]
(In the ghetto) Look, see the shit so simple
Kids watch what we do with the project windows
Selling drugs on the strip, hoping that your chips grow
Hanging clothes on the line, hoping that the wind blow
To dry that shit off, you know that it ain't really that
Gotta save money for that food, fuck the laundromat
Despite the struggle and all
No matter how the thing pop
Forever repping the ghetto
Can't stop, won't stop

Playing hide-and-go seek don't seem right
Playing red light, green light (In the ghetto)
You get beat with extention cords
And the cops got friends of yours (In the ghetto)
Whatchamacallit, thingamajigs, what's-her-face and what's-her-name is up (In the ghetto)
No heat so you shiver up
And the pizza man don't deliver up (In the ghetto)

[Outro: Rick James + (backup singers)]
(Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
You all know what I'm talkin 'bout (Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
You all know what I'm singin 'bout (Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
Ghetto liiiiiiiiife (Talkin 'bout ghetto life)
(In the ghetto)

"Never mind who you thought I was, I'm Rick James BITCH! " [applause]
"Cocaine is a hell of a drug"

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