Tremendous lyrics
(sicx's end)

Sticky as a 'gasm
(I guess orgasm, most rap never makes sense, why the fuck should this)

I'm more hated than a nazi schwarzeniggaz is my posse...

Brotha lynch keeps me tremendous,
Tall-can keeps me tremendous,
X-raided keeps me tremendous,
Now these be my brothaz and they keep me in this,
Fig naytion keeps me tremendous,
Capone and cos keeps me tremendous,
Annihilation keeps me tremendous
Now these is schwarzeniggaz and they keep me in this,

(verse 2)

Watch for the boner, bend over, swing the o-e, the microphone fiend
Then let chrome gleam, and let the clean seem like death on halloween...


With my big bad automag, toat tag...for that meat I'm bottomless...
Tall-can and fig, dicks big...

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