Covey Leader To Raven lyrics

Covey Leader calling Raven, Come on Raven
Covey Leader calling raven
Covey Leader to Raven, Talk to me Johnny
They're all gone, Sir

Back to the mystique, I'm like an axe that hacks through the weak
I bet racks Ap's raps traps rats like feral cats
The feral tracks cracks planets like they're in parallax
I can't relax, Ap's flyin' faster than pterodacts
I'm Arafat, flack jacket suit with a pair o' slacks
Compare the facts, Blacks call me cracker like parrot snacks
These suckers seein' double like Parent Traps
My paragraphs graphs skin together like sarin gas
I'm airin' trash out, blast very fast
Helicopters landin' like they're in M*A*S*H
I'm rollin' in blood, like a baron grass
You'll get embarrassed fast, like barin' ya bare ass
Leave your city barren with ash and barrels o' gas
I'm standin' there with a match, you're no match
I'll let the air out ya max, you'll have a pair o' flats, Aryan brats
I'm out back buryin' gats, you're barely relaxed
Feel like ya pissin' in ya slacks like when barium reacts
Rap's sacred as Egyptian Pharaoh burial masks
Kerosene's my Listerine, that's why I carry a flask
And Ap carries a staff, that does solarium math
To avoid an aerial crash with an alien craft

Scholars searchin' for me like the

Arc of the Covenant contained inside
Are several hooks and verses that I wrote with ?
Welcome to the ceremony told to the people by
A verbal vanguard who's part of a new franchise
No playin' the pine I'm active, back in practice
Send out ya emails, phone calls, and faxes
Evolved over, check the time now when it started
Know this growth from a boy to a man, come my style is golden
The second nature for many is rappin'
For me it's normal conversation that I mastered with time and patience
Mystique is elusive, sick with it, Lupus
Way out, nicknamed Jupiter, I'll piss on Lucifer
Conducive to bands playin' acoustics
Hearin' me acapella my voice alone is music
(Covey Leader calling raven)
Are they lies or the truth
Descended to mine, got whipped or died by the noose
I'm an extension of a tribe with some low end
So check the rhyme while I'm flowin'
Catchin' ya ears with the ?
Bestowed is a gift by the Supreme Bein', Third eye seein'
Them falsehoods, you have a choice to believe ‘em or not

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