Brothers On The Slide Freestyle lyrics

(feat. Rise)

Check, check where the hell is my check

99, axis scientists
Rise, Apathy


With no contract I spark mics, ya'll just catch contact
My minds compensation for the size that my arms lack
On tracks I harm blacks in the name of progression
Advantage unfair, requestin' for drug testin'
Verbal aggressions
Ya'll rappers is pathetic
I don't kill MC's I'll let them live to regret it
Switch clothes and zip codes
Fake glasses and a fake nose and moustache
Witness protection before a month's passed
Put this on a list of what you did when your times up
My mind's deep, a spoon's dig away from China
Suspects are lined up, hearin' their last rights
Bad karma (why) because I was a jerk in a past life
Attract strife from black life
Developed insight
I'll make you pay the price, even if you bring an invite
In competition, microphones I abuse with
A lot of rich rappers are still poor excuses
It's useless, face it you can't defeat the basics
I've got more rhymes than there's variations in human faces
Dealt a bad hand, but I'm playing it smart
I move from state of confusion to state of the art
My sharp debut will make your label wonder why they pay you
As people say I think I'm all that, whenever they do
I'm bad meaning good; to get better I'll hafta worsen
I hang in little clubs and play only the dirty versions
Write constant rhymes, time I'm expending
There's deep imprints in the fingers I hold my pen in
A class by myself, professor's non-essential
To get half as nice you need twice your brains potential
Addicted to mics, I hope you break your hard habit
I'll embarrass you and send the battle tape to Bob Saget
It's lunacy I break natural laws and get immunity
I'm the leading cause of death in the wack community
Give it your all; I'll just make you wish you kept it
Before I enter rappers take note of the nearest exits
In hectic.. Situation's I'm too calm
I'll laugh while your heart beats faster than neutrons
The truth bombed, I lost count of all the causalities
Brighter than the light you walk in to after you battle me
I'm not to be stepped on, choose a better mattress
Turn the bull you attack with in to a leather jacket
Comparison is like a hurricane to a teardrop
Level's that I used to be at, would make you ears pop
Cause and a length watch, are things that help a shrink's cop
Traumatize rappers, seeing my face in ink blots

I'm battling battles with data that will shatter marrow in bones
I'm shootin' arrows and crones; I sit with pharaohs in thrones
My arrogant poems and flow deflate the air in your domes
Cause I fiend for microphones like a Heroin jones
I'm tearin' my clothes like Hulk with unbearable flows
Cuttin' terrible foes like little hairs in my nose
From the air I arose, throwin paralyzing flows
I'll inherit your souls then I'll spare it to crow's
Cryogenically froze so I can travel in future
I'll defeat you with the speed of a NASA super-computer
My glocks bump beats that I compose for tracks
Flows so phat the wax that blows it backs
Bogus cats get smacks from ferocious raps
My hypnosis entraps if you focus on the wax
I wrote this flow to impact biters of Ap
An MC puttin' CT on the map

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